Winter 2017 – Twins, Friends & a House!

Once we got back from NYE in Charlotte we’ve been taking it really easy AKA being super boring and watching a lot of TV. It snowed, we hiked,  fostered a dog, went to the Biltmore, had some friends in town, found out Daniel and Sarah are having twins GIRLS on a trip to Charlottesville, VA… and oh yeah we bought a house!

Our house is a little bit of a fixer upper in Brevard so we’re trying to do lots of things from now until we close in April. Exploring Asheville as much as we can before we have to spend all our time and money on this house for a bit. While alsooooo trying not to spend a lot of money and saving for the upcoming repairs.









2 Charlotte Weekends – Panthers Game & New Years Eve

So in December we made 2 trips to Charlotte, one for the Panthers game and to visit Ben and Rachel and then the other for New Years Eve with Lee, Ashley, BJ, Alison, and Pete. These are all Cody’s friends but luckily he really knows how to pick them and they really know how to pick awesome wives so we’ve all gotten really close which makes it fun that we all take time to get toghether! This was our second year in a row seeing Avett Brothers on NYE but this year we quadrupled our squad…



Thanksgiving & Christmas in Southport

Thanksgiving and Christmas were both so exciting times. Thanksgiving we found out that Daniel and Sarah were having TWINSSSS!!!! AND Casey and Jillian got engaged!!!! So Casey was up in Richmond for Thanksgiving and the rest of the fam was in Southport and then Christmas was just Casey and I. So both holidays were full of celebration and quality time which was really nice… also you can’t beat warm weather in the middle of winter. I also got to see Wilmington friends for Friendsgiving in November and grab lunch with Morgan in December so that’s always nice!


Beech Mountain, NC in October

I’ve been slacking on this blog so will be updating it in bulk a little after the fact… after DC we spent a few days in Brevard again and then ventered even more West toward Boone.

This trip to Beach Mountain was amazing, and although it wasn’t super eventful as it was basically just Cody and I holed up in a condo on top of a mountain leaving the house to hike and visit vineyards/breweries/concerts/the grocery store. We had an amazing condo with the best mountain views of any where I’ve ever stayed.

The best part was definitely the Grandfather Mountain hike. We went over the rickety ass bridge but that was not the best part. The hike involved 8 or so ladders… I made it all the way up to the second to last one and realized I had to crawl out onto a ledge and was totally OUT and had to have Cody help me back down. That was scary as can be… I don’t mind heights but ledges are not my thing with my terrible balance. Cody took my camera though and there’s a few photos from the very top.

We also hiked the Emerald Outback Trail, Lineville Falls, and a super steep trail in Tennessee that I can’t remember. We tried to counteract the fact that the town was super dead with a lot of activities. We saw Corey Smith in Boone, went on a hayride to a winery, watched a lot of football, visited a a brewery in Banner Elk, picked out an awesome pumpkin and a few other random adventures.

We spent an entire month there, leaving just a few days before planned after getting invited to a friends Halloween party (totally included our family constume in this post because it’s perfect.)

Cody and I have traveled to all different types of areas but I think it was this trip that really made me realize how much I loved the mountains and really wanted to settle down in Western North Carolina for sure.


Linville Falls


Our condo was right next to the resort so we got to walk right over a bunch to let the dog run and enjoy the empty town


Cody matched our umbrella hahaha


This was the hike in Tennessee






In the winter you can take the lift to the top of the mountain and there’s a bar there. We drove up and the bar wasn’t open or anything but a great view!


I’ve never seen so many deer in my life than the month we spent here. And they were so friendly and not scared of humans at all.


This was the hayride to the winery… super basic but so fun! We did a wine tasting and we only broke one glass! We’re getting so fancy in our travels


This is Codes on the second to last ladder… I made it up that one too but he actually got out on the ledge 🙂


Like I said I’m scared of those ledge things…



And then we headed to Raleigh for an NC State game and a super fun Halloween party!


Washington, D.C in Septemeber

We landed at Jessica’s house and moved right into her adooorable 3 bedroom townhouse near Capitol Hill. We were originally planning on stopping in for a few days and leaving but extended our trip a whole month… the joys of not having a home.

Basically we did a lot in the amount of time we were here… monuments, Smithsonians, Union Market, Eastern Market, lots of time on Capitol Hill, free cocktail hours courtesy of Jesse working on the hill, Nats game, weekend in Baltimore, seafood festival, H Street Festival, 90’s bar crawl, dinners/lunches with long lost high school friends, quality time with friends who are usually long distance, and most importantly tons of family time! It was so much fun and I’m so glad we got to spend an extended period of time here when usually we just come up for a few days or so. Shout out to Jillian and Casey for always being down to hang while we were in town and Jessica and DJ for letting us stay with them!!






Last Week of the WHOLE Trip!

Dinner with the family, a 90’s bar crawl, and some drinks on top of the W hotel overlooking the White House and our trip finally came to an end 😦



Taftsville VT, Saratog Springs NY & Monroe NY

We got to Taftsville on Tuesday evening, a short hour and a half drive from Montpelier. We got there put our stuff down, and basically headed right out to go hike around Quechee Gorge. Then Wednesday was Cody’s birthday!!!! We took off around 3 and went to this Artisan’s area. There was a glass blowing place where you could watch them blow glass, cheese shop with tastings, distillery, and Harpoon Brewery. We had fun hopping from one place to another. After we headed toward Woodstock and ate at a place called Worthy Kitchen…  highly recommend. The AirBnB we stayed at was this adorable farmhouse with a garden in the back and wedding lights all around the yard. The host was super chill too.






This trip went by incredibly fast! I’m currently writing this on the drive to DC from Monroe, NY. We stopped in Saratoga Springs Thursday to bet on a horse race and then headed to Albany to stay the night in a hotel this time. Then Friday we headed to Monroe to stay with Cody’s Aunt Lisa again. His Uncle Greg is an amazing guitar player so we went to see one of his shows Friday night which was great. Saturday we searched and searched and searched some more to find a dog friendly lake to no avail… New York is the worst. We did find a little hike with a good view and then walked around Monroe… which is like 3 blocks. Later that night we went to go see a double feature at a drive-in movie in Warwick. It was The Life of Pets and War Dogs… both great movies. And we got to bring Piglet but I don’t think she enjoyed the movies as much as us. We woke up Sunday morning and headed on down the road to our last stop, DC!



All-in-all our New England trip was so amazing. Gorgeous views, friendly people, and unbeatable experiences. I wish we could have spent more time in Burlington and had done a few more hikes but other than that we really got to see so much more than I thought. I’m so thankful every day that Cody and I live the life we do and get to travel while working and with Piglet. So here’s to some more adventures in DC with family and friends I haven’t seen in forever!

Vermont – Burlington & Montpelier

After the White Mountains we crossed over from New Hampshire to Vermont and spent a few days there. When planning the trip I really wanted to stay in Burlington but the hotels/airbnbs there were crazy expensive so we stayed outside in Montpelier. We came into town on a Sunday and went to Magic Hat Brewery (one of our favorite beers). Being the forgetful blonde that I am I left my ID at the apartment but it was still cool to see the brewery and take a tour. They give out free samples too so I was a bit disappointed but Cody got a growler and we went on our way toward downtown.

They have a pedestrian mall and I’m a huge fan of pretty much any city with a pedestrian mall so needless to say I like the town. Lake Champlain is right next to it so it has a waterfront and views of the mountain, also something I loved. Plus they were incredibly dog friendly, the restaurant we were at fed her more bacon that she’s ever had in her lifetime I think. After lunch we walked around the town and down to the water. You can tell from the pictures a storm was coming so when it started to drizzle we ran back to the car just in time for a downpour. It was definitely a fun town and I would go back in a second!


Montpelier was a tiiiiny little town surprisingly for being the capital but we found a few things to do. Honestly this was the town where we really caught up on a lot of work from taking off a little too much time the rest of the trip. And doing some much needed laundry at a laundromat for my first time ever. Ben and Jerry’s headquarters or whatever is there so we went to go take a tour not realizing how crazy popular it is and the tour was full. I also totally messed up and thought we were going to be there a day longer but thankfully checked my Airbnb itinerary and saw that we were supposed to be out by that afternoon. Whoops. But we were supposed to go to this really awesome Rock of Ages Quarry the day we left and obviously couldn’t leave the dog in the car so we had to skip that unfortunately. I put a picture of it though because it looks so cool 🙂

Image result for montpelier capital building

Image result for rock of ages quarry




White Mountains, New Hampshire

Before heading into NH this day we stopped for a hike at Blueberry Hill in Maine right on the border where we found a gorge and a really pretty swimming hole. You can supposedly pick blueberries in August as you hike up but I didn’t see any on my way. I also didn’t have my phone or camera so I don’t have any pictures but it was pretty sweet.

We didn’t spend too much time in New Hampshire but the day/night we did was full of good sights and a great camping spot. We drove through the Kancamagus Highway on our way to find a camping spot which is a pretty big tourist spot but we saw everything from a covered bridge to a really old building to AMAZING views. We settling on a spot to camp around 7pm so Cody started collecting wood and I setup camp. He came back about 20 minutes later after I had the tent and everything ready to roll, beers chilling in the river, and said we should move because he found a better spot. I was literally not a happy camper I’ll admit BUT the new spot was well worth it, secluded off the trail with a fire pit already set up. So it ended up turning out fine and after I was less huffy I appreciated the move in the end 🙂 Piglet is very scared of fire so she opted to hang out in the tent or right in my lap most of the night but was pretty good for her first camping trip!

Albany Covered Bridge


This was the Rocky Gorge


This was Sabbaday Falls… it got it’s name because some workers were building something nearby like waaay back in the day and it was sundown on a Saturday and they wouldn’t be working Sunday due to it being God’s day. They left their tools at the waterfall so they would remember where they put them. The guys never returned for the tools for one reason or another so it was called Sabbaday or Sabbath Day Falls because of it.





Some things we saw not pictured: Swift River Lower Falls, Russell-Colbath Historic Homestead Site, and countless scenic overlooks.


Bethel, Maine

After Acadia we drove to Bethel, Maine where we just spent one night at this really cute mountain/slope themed Airbnb. The town was DEAD as can be so it wasn’t anything spectacular but it was a good stop right before the White Mountains so we could get prepared for camping and just pop in the next day to do some hikes and see the sights before we found a campsite. We passed this one guy and we said hi, how’s it going to which he responded very un-energetically “Oh you know, just a Thursday night in Bethel.” But in the winter it’s obviously hoppin’ due to the amount of slopes nearby. It was still fun though! We walked around the town and saw gorgeous sunset, ran across our very first covered bridge, and stopped into Sunday River Brewery for a drink.

Shout out to the grocery store/gas station on the way to Bethel in some tiny little town that gave me the most authentic hillbilly experience and had some awesome curly fries.




This was an almost full moon, the next night we were camping and the full moon came in handy

Deer Isle & Acadia National Park, Maine

There’s no wifi in the forest, but I guarantee you’ll find a better connection.

After the wedding we headed farther north. We stayed near Deer Isle but drove up to visit Acadia and hike around one day. On our way up though, as we’re always looking for stops along the way, we crossed the Penobscot Narros Bridge (it used to be the Waldo-Hancock bridge). It had an elevator you could ride up to the top of the bridge (you can see the Penobscot Narrows Observatory in some of the photos below, it’s the glass area on top of the bridge). Fort Knox was also right there so we walked around that as well, which was super nice.

We made it to our first AirBnB spot of the trip Monday afternoon which was basically glorified camping. We were a bit worried about the WIFI because as usual this is a working trip but we were able to work in this little event area near their office. The area where the AirB&B was located was super pretty and we did a kayak trip one day. But after heading up to Acadia we witnessed some unbeatably gorgeous views. We spent 3 nights, 4 days in the area and it was probably the highlight of our whole trip… other than seeing my brother get married of course 🙂



This is a picture of Deer Isle and then two of Stonington which is where we stayed, this was right down a path from our cabin.


So on day 3 we headed to Acadia which was gorgeous! We went to the top of Cadillac Mountain for a good 180 degree view. It was a little cloudy but it made for a pretty crazy view with the clouds there. It was crazy windy as you can tell from my bun blowing in the wind up there. I even said this while we were there but the pictures don’t even do it justice. After Cadillac Mountain we hiked the Gear Head Trail which gave us a view of the cliffs, woods, and beach which was nice. Cody put up his hammock in this amazing sppot that we got to look out over the water on the edge of this cliff. It was the perfect spot.

After that we drove around the rest of the park and stopped at a really pretty pond to watch the sun set over the mountains. We left the park and headed to Bar Harbor to walk around and grab dinner. Bar Harbor is the cutest mountain/sea town! We headed back pretty late for the last nights sleep in our cabin by the water.





(Piglet obviously thought it was too windy as well)